Finally we have managed to get all the sessions from Cyborg Camp YVR 2013 up on YouTube. Check them out here:

Also, we have posted the slides from the event here:


And.. see… you…. next….. year……


Wow. What an amazing event. So many great people in one space! We are extremely happy with the outcome of Cyborg Camp YVR 2013. So many interesting stories, experiences and opinions. We are currently chomping through the HD video of the event and will soon post the sessions when they are ready. Also we will try to link to all the speaker’s slides, where possible.

In the meantime, check out STATIGRAM for collated photos of the event. Some really good ones in there..

A big shout out goes to all our marvellous sponsors that made this great event possible!

Oh, and finally a humble apology for the infinitely-collapsing UStream Livestream. Well, it worked for a while, but then we had intermittent network brown-outs which cut connection. Watch the HD video of the sessions, its much better quality anyway…

We will be back when the video sessions are ready..stay tuned!

The speaker schedule is now up……linked at the top of the page.

Cyborg Camp YVR 2013 is now SOLD OUT with 2 weeks still to go till the event. For those who unfortunately didn’t manage to secure a ticket all is not lost – all of the sessions will be livestreamed on the day, and available as archived videos after the event. So there is no need to miss any of the talks!


A big BIG thank you goes out to all those who helped spread the word about Cyborg Camp, and we hope to see you all on May 11th!

First a bit of history:

CyborgCamp first started back in 2008. The first speakers were Ward Cunningham, inventor of the first wiki. There was an interaction designer – Bill DeRouchey, and a real cyborg. The cyborg was connected to an insulin pump 24/7. Since that initial event CyborgCamps have been held in Portland, Seattle and Toronto. Now Vancouver will become part of the Cyborg family on May 11th 2013.

Amber Case is a researcher exploring the field of cyborg anthropology and the interaction between humans and technology. She has helped raise awareness about the impact – both good and bad, of our continual obsession and evolution with Technology.

As a primer for those who would like to know a bit more about this area, check out Amber talking at TED back in 2011:


If you feel your interest piqued, also check out these recommended links to keep you busy from now until May 11th: the new Cyborg Camp YVR website!

Please bear with us as we bolt things together, stack things on top of each other and generally flesh out the details! There is lots more to come..